Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Avatar in 3D--I Had To Say Something...

Just a somewhat off-topic of writing message here. I had to say something because it's been on my mind since yesterday afternoon! So please, bear with me.

See Avatar in 3D! See it even if you have only a remote interest in the film's plot, trailer, sci-fi, etc. The experience of the movie is well worth the money you will have to pay. And considering how lost in my editing I have been lately, for me to take time to go to movie that long (2:40), as well as to have been caught up in it...that's saying a lot.

I feared it would be too "Dances With Smurfs," as they like to say on the web. But, I really liked how everything worked out for the Na'vi. Too, there were a couple of "agendas" in the plot--these happened to be environmental and military. However, I felt they fell short of being forced down my throat, so to speak. Therefore, I was able to enjoy the film. I understood the points that Cameron was making and I could set them aside to focus on the story without having them constantly shoved back in my face. This was very important to me. I was, shall we say, relieved overall? So, don't be afraid to take the risk.

And 3D is the way to go with the visuals in this film. Cameron outdid himself as a Director. The unknowns (Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana) in the lead roles did a wonderful job of acting--some of the other actors struggled, but it didn't seem to matter. While the dialogue did tend to be corny on occasion, and the story somewhat predictable, the other elements more than made up for those failings. I even liked the alien romance aspect! Surprise for me! :)

I have to salute James Cameron for his role in inventing/improving the technology. What he's done will allow such wondrous things. My imagination is running wild with possibilities.

As I mentioned, I have been contemplating Avatar since I watched it yesterday afternoon. The images have been turning over and over in my head. I believe I may go see it again--I enjoyed it that much! Yeah...

I recommend you go see Avatar in 3D. You will miss out big time if you do not. That is all.


P.S. I might as well paint myself blue and join some sort of convention for the silliness of a post like this. Ugh. ;)

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