Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is anyone else "Going Bovine" ??????

I am going to write a blog post, which will be part review, for Libba Bray's "Going Bovine."

A YA book that has me announcing a blog post is worth taking a look at. I didn't like "A Great and Terrible Beauty," but my goodness..."Going Bovine"... There's something about this one.

Read the first chapter or two--they're short. If you're not convinced, whether you end up liking the book or not, I'm pretty sure she'll hook you. Just take a look, will you, please? I wonder, after I didn't take--at all--to the author's other books, at the shock to my system.

Too, the YA section of the bookstore is sadly bereft of anything that grabs my attention like this. So few...sigh.

Libba Bray. It would seem I haven't learned my lesson on "second glances with new approaches." Shame on me. Ah well, at least I caught on to this one with the help of a very helpful bookseller (hope you get the promotion!).

I'm back to writing/editing for now.


P.S. The amazon addy if you want to check it out on the web:

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