Thursday, January 21, 2010

Query Travels

I’m going to Pennsylvania on Friday to participate in a “Query Writing Boot Camp” on Saturday with twenty nine other writers and literary agent Janet Reid. So I’m pretty nervous and thrilled about that. The drive is a little over eight hours, but the opportunity to learn from the Query Shark in close quarters is too good to pass up—if a little frightening. I greatly admire her skills, and her wit.

My query writing skills could definitely use some fine tuning. I’ve only had books and the internet as references, so a lecture with “live” examples and possible “hands on” help will be wonderful. I’m not really one for conferences.

Oh, I don’t mind conventions—and yes, that makes me a geek. It’s just something about conferences where a whole bunch of writers, agents, and a few editors are pushed together feels…unnatural, uncomfortable. I don’t think I would be easy there and I don’t think I would have fun. I’d rather take classes to learn and meet other writers in smaller venues, with more frequency if needed. I’m not opposed to socializing, but I like to pick my environment. There’s a strategy to everything, and I don’t mean that to be cold. Suppose you could say I’m the Spock of writers. Lord that is the epitome of geekdom! I swear I’m not a Trekie! I did like Star Trek though….

Anyhow, Andrea looked over a draft of the letter for me and had a few good suggestions. And little editor Laura spent hours on chat going back and forth with me—she was awesome. I appreciate them so much! I can be such a pain, especially to Laura who is already fastidious as it is, when I am gearing up, as I was.

Of course, in the end I sorted through suggestions and came out with a final draft that I felt I could live with for the moment. But just for the moment. And I turned it in after reading over it a dozen times, because that’s what I had to do. Hopefully it won’t be too much trouble for Ms. Reid.

In the meantime, I continue to edit the end of this book! I’ve been in WV until I finished up my tests at the hospital. And I’ll be in Ohio until tomorrow morning. Always busy, and I must get this editing done!


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