Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Song Lyrics -- very rare for me...

Mel Skinner

There’s spite in your smile, Love
but you ask me to stay
Then you want me to reach
but you get in my way

So you laugh --- Yeah, you laugh
And here I am, your favorite joke
You love me, leave me, give me hope
Then you laugh ---
And I forget why I’m here anymore

You were the weaver of dreams, once
but you failed to reveal them lies
Just makebelieve so you could be King
Did you think I’d want to be the Princess who cries?

(Now) You laugh at me --- Yeah, you laugh at me ---
And here I am, Your favorite joke
You love me, leave me, give me hope
And I (can’t) forget why I’m here anymore!

Oh, love is not love when manipulated!
How long ago did I go from your girl,
to the joke you paraded?---!
When all I wanted was a promise---
a promise --- a promise ---! of one true intenTION!

So try…Laugh at me!...Laugh at me---!
And here your favorite joke is leaving
Once you loved me,
and it’s your turn for grieving

Maybe you’ll laugh, Baby
But I only hope I’ll be too far away, to hear you
Oh, to hear you
Oh, I don’t want to hear you

No, it’s my turn to laugh now…

Is there a smile without spite,
eyes without fight,

Copyright © 2009 Mel Skinner


Since I can't really work with the format here, I left out the notes you would normally see like "bridge," "repeat," and the underlined words, etc. I tried to make up for this in other ways. Who knows if it worked out? I rarely work in lyrics. This song just happened to come to me.

I have put it here after much debate. Though I own the copyright, I doubt I will actually try to actively sell it. To be frank, I'm much too busy. And I have no idea if this is crap or not. I like it, but who am I to judge lyrics, right? So the blog it is.


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