Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear John--My Experience With the Movie

So, I took my youngest Godchild (age 12) to see "Dear John" when it came out because that's what she wanted to see. I thought "Percy Jackson" looked like the better alternative, but I guess the girls at school all wanted to go see "John" and that meant I had to go, too.

Well, I did enjoy the movie, "A Walk to Remember." I thought there might be some chance this adaptation would turn out okay.

But we get into the movie--which happened to be packed--during the previews and it is all couples. Here I am with my Godchild during the matinee hours and we're at a chick-flick/date-o-rama! And I thought to myself, I hope there's nothing in this film that I am going to have to explain later. Then again, she's in middle school--what doesn't she know about all that?! As a Godparent, the whole situation just made for a lot wincing and "is she okay with that?" glances from the corner of my eye.

And the movie turned out as I expected--not so good. Also, I don't think she liked it. She frowned at me when I looked over at her as we stood to leave, as if she neither understood or cared to understand why that couple was a couple.

Later, I questioned her and she reassured me that she had enjoyed the film. Still, I doubt it. None of the excitement I usually see when she's seen a film she likes showed.

But the one good thing about that whole experience came from a chick in the audience. At the end of the movie, right when the lights started to come on and the very last scene had faded out, she just loudly stated, "But she's a whore!" The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

I had to cover my mouth to keep from bursting out with laughter. Some people did laugh. Some outright agreed with her. A few nodded their heads as they stood to leave. Only the women who had been weeping piteously for awhile, and could do little else, weren't amused. There were several military couples in the audience, so that might have made a difference.

However, By God, that character was a whore! No matter the reason, I just can't conscience the "Dear John" approach. The movie made a pretty good argument for her side, but still. I don't care. And giving her anything at the end is bull.

I care too much for soldiers to see people rips their hearts to shreds. Maybe the military should "issue" spouses, as the saying goes. ;)


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