Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cocktail Party Prank

The cocktail party is going great. Until...

Some dude brings up Japanese Cinema. And this Chick turns to John O'Lasseter to say, "I never could get into the whole Miyazaki thing."

Well, O'Lasseter's jaw drops, allowing his drink to run out of his mouth and down his shirt. His assistant quickly helps him clean up. The rest of the group is pale and still.

"What?" Chick says, in all seriousness. Or so they think.

His righteous flames of fury grow more intense as an intern chuckles behind him. "Miya--" O'Lasseter begins, only to be interrupted.

"--I didn't know you watched his sh*t Mr. Lasseter." Her voice seems to silence the whole room.

A purple O'Lasseter opens his mouth to speak or yell, roughly handing his drink off to his assistant.

But she's too quick. Just before she turns on her stilettos and heads for the Ladies' Room, she leaves everyone with an ironically airy, "I've gotta take a dump."

John starts to cough, his eyes bulging in his head as she passes from sight.

They say she never came out of the bathroom. An intern who went in looking for her a half hour later still says she just disappeared. And like White House visitors, no one really took note of who the extra guest happened to be.

So to this day nobody knows who took a dump on John O'Lasseter and got away with it.

I wonder if this joke/prank has ever actually happened to someone.

Note: For the record, I love the works of Hayao Miyazaki. I just thought I should clarify that. Oh, and "Ponyo" rocks!

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