Saturday, April 3, 2010


In the last light I reclaimed my memories. I am redeemed.

My Love, I see you. See me in the time I was not lost. We are together then. And we will be the same when the shining overcomes the dark of your eyes.

Feel the truth in these words with each breath you take. Read them aloud once and let each syllable pour from your mouth like blood from a self-inflicted wound. Weep. Be born again in our love and do not grieve me long. I never could conscience your suffering.

Let our bond wash away the pain. Hold still and feel my warmth trying to ease your heart. There are no barriers mortality can raise between you and I. Allow me to fill your soul with all of the radiance in mine.

Remember…we are already one. Together. Eternally.

Just close your eyes and breathe for both of us.


Note: I very recently wrote this little piece with the idea of lovers in mind. Two who had been separated by Alzheimer's disease for awhile--but were never really separated at all. My offering, so to speak.

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