Monday, May 31, 2010

I Remember You

In honor of Memorial Day.

When we went to see Pelham "the Gallant" in Alabama (, there were other heroes honored.

Right across from the small car park was the monument you see above. It needed just a bit of cleaning, so we did the best we could with what we had on hand. This Ranger, Dwayne Williams, died during the September 11th attack on the Pentagon. My mother and sister wept as they gently wiped away debris from the polished stone. The heat and the wind worked against us, but we fought until the breeze surrendered.

Our military gives so much. The very least we can do is remember. I think we owe them a hell of a lot more.

We are to recall the fallen on this day. Mine is a military family. We've endured losses in many wars. But out of all my memories, I can’t help thinking of one soldier who is not blood kin and has not fallen.

He worked in the Pentagon, just as Dwayne Williams did. Only this man happened to have an appointment on 9/11. Everyone else in his office went to work. Just a normal morning, as far as any of them could tell.

There were no survivors in that office.

Soon thereafter he contacted someone in the Air Force. In his quest for vengeance against Bin Laden he needed the aid of the best and the best agreed. From what I understand, he put together a team, went overseas, and has been fighting ever since.

I can’t help thinking that wherever he goes he carries the ghosts of that office with him. Though I’ve never seen him in action, he must be great at what he does. He has to be, don’t you see? And on this Memorial Day I wonder how much he suffers the memories of the fallen.

We do what we must, what our souls compel us to do. If we are War, then let us be. War can want Peace and never find her. Indeed, the forces of each are great.

Sometimes the battlefield of life is dark and ominous.

Other times it’s haunted by lost souls.

I once wrote..."I realize now that I walk the edges of a holy battlefield few ever see. The sight has a divine beauty beyond compare. To set foot on this ground you need only give your life in exchange. And then you too can feel the ultimate rush, moments of Heaven on Earth. But beware that I fight for every step. One day, I want to fly right into the fray."

It convinced Mama J that I'm nuts. I already knew that.

In the end, we are all battlefields. Whether you have Peace or War reign is irrelevant.

On this Memorial Day, I remember those who fought and died, whether in battle or in an attack that preceded a war. I respect them.

Most of all, I remember you.


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