Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Trip/Part 1: Insanity Makes for Fab

Don't Giraffes seem...majestic? I watched them for some time. I went to the zoo with them in mind. Thought I should start this blog series with that pic and thought.
Fort Worth Zoo, TX.

I'm going to list some of the highlights of my insanely fabulous trip in chronological order with pics. This will have to be broken up in parts because so many incidents came up.

1. In Kentucky I experienced the sci-fi movie feel of sitting on the interstate in my parked car and watching people behave...strangely.

I couldn't see anything except vehicles lined up in both directions. There was no sign of an accident. No news. And after keeping the car on for so long in park, we had to turn it off. The heat became stifling. Though I rolled down the windows, it made me nervous considering the surroundings. I didn't allow anyone in our car to get out, under the circumstances.

During our sitting, some people within my sight got out. Some people came running down the interstate in packs or simply strolled there. Some just wandered around as if lost. Some chatted, leaning idly against their vehicles. I saw a guy exchanging CDs with a stranger. Another guy drove off into the bushes. One lady did a wild maneuver with her car to get it between two parked trucks, across the medium, and moving in the opposite direction. Only one motorcycle passed by, and at a leisurely pace.

(I didn't want to black out faces and tags, so this is one photo with enough weirdness to prove the point.)

After so much oddness and as the time stretched on, the writer in me began to wonder about scenarios beyond accidents. I joked with my companions about zombies, alien invasions, the Apocalypse, and what plan we would follow in each case...how we would survive. Then I had someone call and find out the truth--massive accident, miles down the road.

Still, I've never seen people act that way on the interstate. Fascinating.

2. In the middle of a small town in Alabama, someone has a gigantic blowup float of the Titanic sinking into the ocean in their yard.

We drove by on the way to see a Civil War graveyard where John Pelham is buried. The GPS took us by on this random road and I was like, "What the...? Is that the Titanic sinking? And why are those people leading their horses around it?" But there wasn't time to take a picture in my shock. Yeah, someone in Alabama has a huge blowup float of the Titanic half-sunk into the yard with the ocean waving around it and everything. It towers. I guess those people just happened to be leading their horses around at that time. Who knows?

3. I stood on a shabby brick wall over a busy road to take a cool picture of Pelham "the Gallant," or his grave, anyway.

One shot with the camera phone. I only took pictures of things that I thought were worth my time and I had time to take pics of. Lately I've been so different, so into the rush and ready to go. I'm old enough to know the consequences and I don't care. Awake and alive. It's kind of funny when I think about taking pictures in graveyards.

4. Louisiana is a state for street racing and survival driving.

Disclaimer: I do NOT suggest breaking any laws. You might die or end up in jail, etc.

But I have to say that my trip through Louisiana was an experience in racing and survival driving. I LOVE that state! Everyone drove 20 over the speed limit, at minimum, except for the occasional people considered by the majority to be obstacles in a game. The interstates in the day have hella awesome views. The roads are thrills like roller-coasters to maneuver on. At night, I came upon teams of racers who sometimes put on shows of their skills. Other times I got to race with a pack. And the bridges...oh, yeah!

Due to the adapt or die mentality I experienced in Louisiana, my driving in extreme situations has improved dramatically. I'm also a lot more confident in my abilities. I always thought when I go to Los Angeles, CA, I would just hire someone to drive for me. Now I'm cool with the idea of driving there. It's a step thing, I guess.

The one pic I got of Louisiana happened on the other side of New Orleans. I thought to get a shot of the water with my phone. At that point I'd adapted to flying down the road with everyone else. The cops went twenty above the fastest cars. As far as I could tell they only pulled over suspicious cargo vehicles, etc. Speeders would've had to go to overly obvious suicidal lengths to get their attention.

Though I didn't know it, a cop had shot up on my rear as I went to take the pic. I moved into the right lane soon after and he passed me. But you can just see his car in the rear-view mirror in this pic.


To be continued in Part 2...

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