Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Trip/Part Four: Art Is Key

The sky above a mountain in WV. When in West Virginia, often only the sky can remind you there's a way out.

Note: I made Memorial Day a separate blog post. It seemed the right thing to do.

13. Sometimes a really old painting makes you think of "The Ring." As in, the horror movie...

It's called "Head of a Woman" by Sebastiano Del Piombo. He painted it in the 1530s. Looking at it in person though, I found myself thinking of that video in "The Ring." You know, where Mrs. Morgan is brushing her hair in the mirror and she looks up? Soooo creepy! I kept expecting this chick to look up at any moment. Of course, that would make me the weird little girl, or something. Anyway...

But, that's the mastery of the art, I guess. It's something you have to see for yourself. Like Michelangelo's first painting (see earlier blog post)'ll be in awe.

14. When I go to see an art collection, I play "Where's Waldo" in my search for unusual watchers in odd scenes. Hybrids are bonus points!

It's supposed to be a "wary dog." I've never seen a dog like that in my life. It's like a dog-cat hybrid or something, and it's wary of the so-called "menacing cat" on the other side of the painting. I had to wonder why. Had the reason to do with hybrid genetics? ;-) So awesome!

The painting is "The Supper at Emmaus" by Jacopo Bassano.

15. There's a cursed scroll at the Kimbell, in the Asian section. At least, that's my opinion.

When I first took this picture of the center of the scroll it reversed itself. I showed two witnesses. Later, it reversed itself again. And I showed two witnesses. Maybe it's a technological glitch? Maybe it's cursed? At times, people say they can see things in the photo.

Note: When I previewed this blog post, it had reversed again. It's upside down. On my computer it's right side up. I'm leaving it alone, even if it stays upside down. Just stand on your head to look at it, or something. Freaky.

Left side of the scroll. I couldn't fit the whole thing into one take with my camera phone. It was the only scroll raised on a table. Difficult.

Right side of the scroll. "Returning From a Visit" by Zhu Derun is a Chinese work created in the mid-fourteenth century. It's said the time was very "traumatic." This is reflected in the Handscroll.

I'm going with beautiful, but cursed.

16. A magical mask that allows the wearer to identify the guilty--including those who cause disasters.

Butterflies all over the world would go down. Wait. Butterfly Effect aside, would it work on other species? Ah, never mind.

So this is a "Diviner's Mask" from Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola. The Yombe people, in the early 20th century had these hella rad ceremonies where past, present, and future events were revealed. A divination specialist would wear a mask like this one, special to each ceremony. This one was used by a specialist looking for the tribe member responsible for a crime, accident, or a disaster. Awesome, right? And scary. Hate to be in their sights. B*itch of day, or night.

17. That night, I had a nightmare that I was affianced to Frederick H. Hemming. In other words, I dreamed I was Mary Anne Bloxam but I had my mind.

I'd seen this painting of her at the Kimbell.

And I read about Thomas Lawrence's--the painter of her portrait--dealings. Somehow, at the end of the day, my subconscious created a historical horror for me.

So there I was in the nightmare, poised to paint porcelain. Ugh. I had an awful fiance who made me sit for a portrait to enhance his status in society. Lawrence didn't really want to paint me, and I had to hear about it. But paint me perfectly he would, 'cause Lawrence had to live up to his name. And he coveted those drawings my fiance is holding over his head, right? Yep.

No options in life. I can paint porcelain, but I can't have achievements like b*itching Lawrence over there. It's "sit pretty" no matter how many hours it takes or how uncomfortable I am. Everything is stuffy, smelly, and constrained. And all I can see is a legacy of plates and a status symbol painting with me faking a smile for Super Lawrence over there.

Ah, here comes my future husband. Looks like it's time to be his arm decoration. Wonderful. Then I wake up. Thank God!

The painting is lovely. I never realized why it bothered me until the next morning.

Great art can touch emotions in the coldest heart. It's simply a matter of finding the key piece. Some people have to wander through a thousand galleries.

Preview of Part 5...

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