Sunday, June 6, 2010

May Trip/Part Five: We Are Zoos

Sometimes the Moon is the heart of my soul--cold, distant, beauteous, and so rarely visited that I am ever struck anew by its pull.

18. I felt drawn to the Fort Worth Zoo, as though it held an answer...a key to a creative door. And it did.

We are all zoos. I don't mean that in the typical "we're all crazy" sort of way. It's something I'll have to illustrate.

19. We are the cheetah pacing a track.

Even though everything inside of us tells us we were born for racing across wide open spaces, we keep making circles. Our only entertainment seems to be the tease. But that gets boring too. So some days we just lay hidden in the brush.

20. We are the Asian Elephant who strays from the group, reaching for something different.

Can't you see it?

21. We are the Sun Bear. Just the little grumpy guy who can't stand the noise and the neighbors.

How beautiful they are. When you next look upon your grumpy little neighbor, try to see the Sun Bear in them. But don't look them in the eye. ;)

22. We can be Giraffes.

These creatures are majestic. When we aspire to greatness, when we live in moments of immortality, then we are Giraffes. The world changes. We walk with a different view. There are Giraffes and then there are other creatures. You can kill one, but to become one is a million times more difficult.

23. Sometimes we are the lioness, forced to listen to her son whine about his separation anxiety and housing issues.

See how her claw is just digging into the stone? And her ears... Children are both a blessing and a curse, I suppose.

24. Life will often taunt you, as though you are an alligator in a glass tank adjoining the river otters' tank--and they're feeding the otters.

So a lot of times you'll end up like the alligator, jaw hanging open in front of the glass. Maybe you're hoping an otter will swim right on in, even though you know better. Hope is a b*tch, but otters are sons of b*tches if you're an alligator. Yeah, sure, they look cute...

25. The part of us that is sly, quick, and frightening is as easily mesmerized by its reflection as a King Cobra.

This creature can stand up to six feet. It's lethal. And it merely rested its head there and watched its reflection. Power can be mesmerizing--the deadlier the more so. That is a weakness, perhaps a one flaw, for some of us.

26. A male silverback gorilla is the one person you know who can shame you without saying a word.

He'll turn his back on you, stare you down, or simply pretend you don't exist. It's a perfected look, a gesture, and a style.

No matter what went on behind him, this gorilla ignored it. You could tell he was aware. But he had this expression on his face, like he was contemplating "life, the universe, and everything." To interrupt him was to be rude.

27. We are zoos because in each of us there are a variety of animals in need of conservation, and perhaps, observation.

Take from that what you will.

I will say...sometimes you need to go into the dark building and seek out the King Cobra to really believe it exists. Humans often need to see to believe. Many animals were once thought to be mythical until they were brought to the public.

Perhaps believing in yourself is something like seeking out an animal that's never been documented. The risks are incredible. The adventure is high. And the rewards are infinite.

I can be a giraffe. Can you?

The end. (of the May Trip blog series)


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