Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seers of Light

My thoughts on "Seers of Light" by Jennifer DeLucy

Lillian Hunt is young woman unsure of the reality behind the oddities in her life until a Seer has her retrieved and she finds herself at home among her kind--Sentients. As she learns to control her natural gifts she is confronted with a conflicted romance. While she wants to hate William, it becomes all too difficult not to fall in love with the jaded vampire. And since Christian, a human, despises him the household is always teetering on chaos. Missions for the "family" to use their gifts become more intense. And finally one comes that threatens to tear them all apart forever.

I found the book to be a really good read. In the YA paranormal romance it's difficult to find a romantic relationship that will keep me happily reading for extended periods of time. This book did it for me.

William is a wonderfully written underdog of a character--it's difficult to have a reader believe this when you're working with a vampire. But it came across really well. And Lillian was a strong female protagonist, in spite of all the crying she did--that was a bit annoying. Still, her actions were consistently strong. Keeping with her age, I thought her behavior was true. By the end of the book it is William the reader will love, though. Very well-written character.

I liked how it wasn't a pure vampire story--it was kind of a ghost hunter, paranormal mix. So yeah, overall it was a solid novel. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a romantic plot. The action was entertaining, but the romance made it great.

I included a link to Amazon for the book if you want to check it out: