Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Mark

The Mark by Jen Nadol

Cassandra is a sixteen year old with a natural “gift” she’s only recently figured out. She can see if it’s someone’s last day by a light surrounding them. But there’s so much about her life to question already and she’s wondering if it’s really a curse. When a summer spent in Kansas turns up a boyfriend who’s really into philosophy and a new connection to her deceased mother, the time to act is here. Cassie finds the answers to her questions. Problem with uncovering truths and deciding what to do is it’s never easy, especially when you’re sixteen and pretty much on your own. In THE MARK, Cassie is confronted with “should she tell?” As a reader, the book feels more like, “would you tell?”

The book was a quick read for me—228 pgs, not speaking for pacing. I enjoyed the premise, the question. And I like how it’s setup for a series. The mythology toward the end was a bit unexpected, in a good way. Though I should say a lot of authors seem to be doing the Greek thing, it was a different direction. And while I wouldn’t call it thrilling, I did enjoy the characters. Never once did I lose interest. Overall, it’s a good, solid read from the YA section.

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